You are convinced of the SMS socket and want to purchase a sub-unit or even a second socket?
Then we have an interesting offer for you!

Recommend us to others and we will give you a 20 CHF discount on your next order. *

How does it work?

1. you write to us at

2. we send you a flyer which you hang up at a place with possible interested parties.
(Good examples are notice boards of campsites or clubs. Unfortunately, we cannot accept notice boards from large chain shops such as Migros).

Send us a picture of the flyer and the address. 4.

4. we will send you a voucher code for your next order.

Do you have a better idea how to recommend us? Get in touch!
We are open to good ideas and offers.

* Unfortunately, we can't give you a discount for orders under 100 CHF, as we already sell very cheaply.
However, you are welcome to contact us for an individual deal.