Have you ever had a power failure in your aquarium and want to protect yourself from it?

On this page we have prepared an article for you with the most important rules of conduct in the event of a power failure.

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So what happens in the event of a power failure?

In this article we focus on the water temperature, the filter and the oxygen pump and give you useful tips on what to do in the event of a power failure.
It is especially important to react quickly and thus spare your aquarium inhabitants suffering.

The water temperature drops.

For most tropical ornamental fish, the "feel-good" temperature is between 24 and 26º Celsius. Depending on the species, however, they can also cope with an aquarium temperature of 22 to 28º Celsius. Shrimps, small crayfish and cold-water fish like it much cooler.

Water that is too warm is almost more dangerous than water that is too cold, as oxygen saturation then decreases and there is a danger of suffocation. A digital thermometer is therefore very important to keep control of the temperature.

As an emergency thermometer, you can use our SMS Temperature Meter 4G, which sends you an SMS when the temperature alarm is triggered.

Factors that have an effect on the temperature:

  • Power failure - the heating switches off and the water gets cold.
  • Too much sunlight, the aquarium gets too warm.
  • The room temperature is too warm or the aquarium is near a heater.

The filter is no longer working.

If the filter has not been running for a long time, it should be cleaned before it is put back into operation. Otherwise there is a risk of contamination from the filter.

It is important to know that aquarium filters are biological, not mechanical filters (which filter out gravel, for example). Aquarium filters convert water impurities through bacteria that accumulate on the filter material.

If no oxygen reaches the bacteria, they die and turn into sludge. Now you have to clean the filter, because otherwise this slurry will be pumped directly into the aquarium when the power comes back on.

Points to note:

  • If the power failure lasts longer than 15 minutes, you should clean the filter outside the tank.
  • The filter must now run in again (about 2 weeks) so that the bacteria culture regenerates.
  • Feed the fish less during this time to keep the water clean.

The oxygen is running out.

An important point in the case of a power cut is the failure of the membrane pumps and the resulting lack of oxygen. This manifests itself in the fish coming to the water surface and gasping for air. In this case, you have to wash in oxygen by hand.

Methods to manually enrich the oxygen content in the water:

  • Use a bucket to let water flow into the aquarium at a height of about 50 cm, like a waterfall. Repeat this process every 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can also use a whisk to "foam up" the water surface and thus return oxygen.
  • Of course, you can also do this with an air pump or pressurised gas cylinder.
  • Oxygen tabs are the fourth option.

Emergency plan

If there is a power failure and the filter starts up again automatically, it is dangerous for your fish. Especially if the fish behave strangely and often gasp for air, you should move them immediately.

Every second counts.

Equip your emergency aquarium with an aerator, heater and thermometer. The fish can survive for some time with normal tap water. However, you should not feed them as there is no filter.

With our SMS socket , you will be notified by SMS and can hopefully react in time.