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Works NEW via the 4G network.

The SMS-Master (SMS-Butler) socket is the basic system for switching the power supply remotely.
With a simple prepaid SIM card, commands to switch can be received via SMS.
The temperature sensor provides information about the temperature and allows the SMS-Master / SMS-Butler to act as a thermostat.

Up to 4 sub-units can be connected to the socket via 433 MHz radio network.

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Simple regulation of the power output via SMS
The socket system works with a standard SIM card, no WLAN or mobile data is required. By simply sending the SMS command, you can switch the socket on or off from anywhere with your mobile phone. An additional app for iOS and Android helps you to configure the socket easily. (App currently only available in English)

SMS alert in case of power failure
As soon as the status of the power supply changes, the socket sends a notification by SMS.

Function as a thermostat
Connected to an electric heater, the socket can act as a thermostat. Thus, the power is automatically switched off when the temperature reaches a preset value. If the temperature falls below another value, the current is switched on again. The temperature range can be easily set via SMS or app.

Temperature monitoring
The temperature sensor, which is included with every SMS Butler, immediately notifies you by SMS as soon as the temperature is outside the preset setpoint.

Connection with subunits
Up to four sub-units can be connected to the main unit, so only one SIM card is needed to control and switch up to five devices.

Click here for the SMS-Slave socket.

Technical details



Power input and output
100-230V / 50Hz / 10A

T12 Swiss standard plug
(SEV 1011:2009)


up to 2500 Watt

Working temperature

-10 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Storage temperature

-20 degrees C to +60 degrees C

Rel. humidity

10-90%, without condensation

Communication protocol


3G, 2G (GSM)

4G / LTE-Band

B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B40

Standby power consumption

15mA 12V

Standard temperature sensor

-10 Grad C bis +50 Grad C


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